• Gail Riley

Highland Haven - Where memories are made!

Back story on Highland Haven.....

At The Highland Haven, I am lucky to have “kid guests” all the time. If they have been here before, there is a good chance that I have their name, age and date pencil marked on my measure wall. Stand straight, chin-up and a pencil scratch becomes a touch of memory making.

At breakfast, I will hold the babies, if mom and dad allow, so they can enjoy the special fare we offer. In my arms we take a little walk around the handsome log building, adorned with art, sculptures and gifts. We spy animals everywhere; a big bear coat rack, fish, deer, dog sculptures. It is an enchanting Colorado stroll of fun. To each little kiddo, I will say “Put out your hand and close your eyes and you will get a little surprise” and a big plastic jeweled ring or a cool little car or shiny sheriff’s badge will appear. At our walking bridge there are little bottles of bubbles for all to blow over the water. Magical.

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